April 2017
-Congratulations to Lauren Konrade for her successful M.S. thesis defense on Prunus serotina range genetics.  Lauren is now moving on to her PhD research with Mark Ungerer at Kansas State.  Best of luck Lauren!

May 2017
-James spent 10 days in the Rothfels lab at UC-Berkeley learning ddRAD library preparation from Ingrid Jordon-Thaden.  Always great to learn from a master, now on to data analysis....

June 2017
-Prior to BSA James led an Oklahoma field trip for botanists from Univ. of TX, Duke Univ., and UC-Berkeley.  We hit the Wichita Mts. National Wildlife Refuge and the Nature Conservancy’s Pontotoc Ridge Preserve.  Both outstanding.

July 2017
-Our collaborators at FSU Emily and Alan Lemmon have developed the Solidago probe kit (854 loci!).  Nervously awaiting data...

August 2017
David Wickell, the Beck Lab’s first grad student, saw his M.S. thesis work published in American Journal of Botany (104: 1254-1265).
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